Thursday, July 10, 2014

Allegiance - the FINAL step - for me!!

Just a little note - for me means that I will beg (plead and show tears) for someone else to bind it ;-)

I hope you will allow me a little story before I show you Beautiful Quilts.  I know you all know we do this for a reason, and the comfort we bring to our Veterans is Immense... but if you will allow....

Yesterday I met a soldier who survived a Mortar Blast. His story was scary, and surprising that he survived. But as he was telling me his story, his mother ( who was right with him) was just beaming. I couldn't help but think - why... this is an awful,scary story... I would scream and run home to my Mom... and then I realized - she was THAT Mom!

She was truly tickled that her son was next to her, and so tickled to be a part of his recovery, and so tickled that he chose a quilt and snuggled right into it... and as she hugged me ( and cut off my supply of oxygen) she told me how much it meant to her to have him back. And how much it meant to her to see that he was honored for his service, rather than pitied for his injury.

I really think that this quilt meant as much to her as it did to her son... and that my friends ... made my day!


 This lovely one is Carolyn's... I LOVE the combo!!! She blogs over at  . She thinks she will bind it in the green.... LOVE

The next one is from Caroline... Oh My GOSH!!! I LOVE this color combo too!!!!  What a stunner!!

This one is from my wonderful Connie H in CO... Don't you love it too!!!   The cheddar/gold... mmm mmm - Connie loves me even when I am grumpy....

This next one is from Ellen. Ellen is a fabulous quilter.... I can't wait to see how she quilts hers!!

This last one is from Vicki S in Wisconsin... but I am going to claim her - she used to live in Colorado!!!  Hers is so awesome too!!!
A Last minute addition.... This one is from Liz and it is all Scrappy and I LOVE it!!

I know there are some other who are making it - I have heard from them... and some are cutting it into kits for retreats!!  So with that - Vicki W created a whole pattern... if you want to print the WHOLE thing it can be found here:

After all that - can you handle one more?

This is mine. Remember I have been one with the pantographs lately ( edge 2 edge designs)

I quilted it with a Heart/Flag/Circle Design

And then because I am adventurous... I put the Eagle in it.  And I see a thread that needs to be trimmed... ignore that please....

The back... I used a Cream Moda - and thought it would be fun. One of my soldiers tells me that he and his wife tease because she loves the front of his Quilt of Valor ( the pieced side) but he loves the back because of all the quilting... so there you go!!

We drew a winner... so Vicki!! You are the winner... you can tell me which prize you want ;-)

Hope you all enjoyed the mystery!!

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Terri said...

What a beautiful show started with a beautiful story. These guys live through some horrific events. It's a shame that war exists. It's an evil that should not be allowed. (My daughter lost her battle with cancer, another evil in the world that should not be allowed.)
Thanks for the show. Sorry I didn't participate, this time. Just too many projects.