Friday, June 28, 2013

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Quilting on a Budget

As a Long arm Quilter I have already set my price ranges. I know what I need to charge for different types of quilting.  But when my Customer comes in with a Budget in mind.... it sure is fun to figure out what we can do for that amount, and how it will make the quilt look.

Recently I had a Client bring me a 90 x 90 inch quilt. It was ( and still is) gorgeous!! She knew exactly how much money she could afford.

Since I charge per square inch, we figured out the size of the quilt, divided it by the budget she had, and that gave us the range per square inch she could afford.

We then went to my Panto book, and my free hand design book, and looked at all the quilting designs in that price range.  I have to be honest - this was a LOT of fun!!!

When choosing quilt designs this way - I am amazed at the possibilities. I really thought that by setting a budget she would be limiting herself to just a few things, but in reality I had a ton of designs in that price range, and it was quite freeing to choose this way.

Here is the full quilt. Those Feathered Stars are all HAND. PIECED.   .. She has a little more patience than I.

She ended up choosing a real feathery, flowy design. And it really enhanced her quilt.

She also decided that she wanted to layers of batting. One to make the quilt denser, and two to enhance the quilting design.
When your client comes to you with a budget, I hope this helps you figure a way to show them what can be done.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Triple Irish Chain Quilt

Oh La La - This quilt was sent to me by a wonderful client to have a little quilting done on it. She really wanted a few feathers, and for the White blocks to stand out.

Here is a photo of the whole quilt. The colors are just incredible. 

I quilted it all free hand on my Nolting. I used a circle template in the center of the white, just to make sure I had a consistent circle in each block.

She left two big borders as she really wanted feathers in them.
In the smaller border, I did swirly feathers.
In the larger border I did a serpentine feather

The back ( pre trimming the threads)

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