Machine Quilting

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Currently I quilt on a wonderful Nolting Pro! I love this machine.

Quilting Services - all prices are calculated on a Square inch basis. 
                                Take your length times your width, and there you go.

Meander                                  Range from .012c/si -
Free Hand Overall designs                        .015c/sq - .025c/si
Pantographs                                                .020c/si - .030c/si
Custom Quilting                                           .020c/si-.040c/si

The pricing varies based on the density of the quilting, and the style. Some quilting, such as Stitch in the Ditch is more difficult on a long-arm, therefore affecting the pricing.

I am always happy to provide estimates.

Current Turn around time is 2-4 weeks, NOT including the shipping time

On my blog ( and there are a lot of samples of the types of quilting I do.