Thursday, March 30, 2017

I LOVE Circles

I made some very fun improv quilt blocks quite a few years ago. The class was presented by Melody Randol in Colorado. 

If you ever have a chance to catch a class from Melody – I totally recommend it – she is fantastic.

The class was held with our guild and it was way before I understood improv or even scrappy quilting – before I had even really heard of scrappy quilting. Her class spoke to me. 

She said just lay the fabric out and lets’ start cutting.
Oh my – I had such fun.   

And then, I put them in a box, and sort of kept working with them as I had time…

Of course I was using some of the Kaffe Fasset fabrics I had found at a quilt shop , way before I even really knew who he was! so that was a real draw - I love those bright colors....

Fast forward a few years - I Finally Pulled the thing back out again and made it into a quilt top.

THEN!!  I quilted Circles ALL over it - I just LOVE this texture!

Circle circles everywhere

Don't you just love how it moves across the quilt?

And the final result!!

Got a quilt you would like circles Quilted on?

Saturday, March 25, 2017


I just wanted to share a few snippets of the quilts I have quilted this year.

I find that I really like to look back at my blogs to find things 
 so I had better post them more often ;-)

Plus maybe as you are looking at the photos, you might think of a quilt top you have laying around, that you would like this pattern quilted on it.
I can help you with that!

This one is called Paisley - and it looks so great on so many different quilts!

Obviously - this one is called Footballs

And this is a tiny feather - I quilted them to interlock