Friday, April 12, 2013

A Show Quilt

HMQS  is a Quilt Show in Salt Lake City - and this year they had a Veterans Challenge Quilt entry.... so I entered!  I haven't really ever done anything like this challenge before, so it really, truly, was a challenge!

You sent in a little bit of money - they sent you back a pack of fabrics, and a batting, and a requirement to make a 60 x 72 inch quilt. With the fabrics they sent, and up to two ( I think) more.

So.. I did!  But it was a challenge to me. First I had to "see" the quilt... I couldn't decide on a design, I couldn't decide on a level of difficulty... decisions!!! Tough!

I set my goal of choosing the pattern design to be done in January, Fabrics to be cut in February, Quilt to be pieced by February 28th, quilting to be done by March 15th, and binding and shipping to be done by March 30th... you know that was the one I procrastinated on right?

My quilt is there, my quilt is waiting for the show to start in May... here is my next question....

Are you supposed to blog about show quilts before they get shown in the show?
Aren't you supposed to remain anonymous to the judges?  ( Not like I am a celebrity or anything LOL)

I notice that some people blog about their finished quilt before it is in the show - okay? or not?

Since this is a judged competition - I think that for now my goal will be to show it to you in May - after the show is over.... deal?

Although.... do you want a sneak peek?

Proof it was bound...... 

and Proof it was quilted.....


  1. I've been debating about going to that show. Are you going to be there? Maybe we could grab a cup of java or something. I'd love to meet you.

  2. I had the same questions (and the same challenge). Since they are all there now, no one else could "steal" our idea, and I doubt that it would influence the judge since many quilts are entered in multiple shows after they have been magazine cover quilts. So "I will if you will"!

  3. Hehehehee I know its hard ladies but its only a few more weeks. Its a wonderful show and Thos I have known some that have slipped I do not want it to get out. I want it to be a surprise. this is the 2nd yr Quilt treasures has allowed is the use of there fabrics line to make quilts for our veterans. Last years was for QOV and this year its for our veterans in Payson and Ivins Utah VA nursing homes. I look forward to seeing them all. and will post them all for viewing. Pattilou your welcome to come. Alycia did you entry another quilt in the modern cat new this year.

  4. Love that you used some yellow with the patriotic colours...

  5. Fun binding. :) Very cool of you to make a QOV!

  6. Congratulations on your finish! We are curious!