Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kimmy Quilt of Valor Step 5

This is a re-post of the Mystery Quilt that Kimmy, Craftsy and myself collaborated on. I designed the quilt and the pieceing, Kimmy designed the quilting ( Ah-Mazing!!) and Craftsy hosts Kimmy's class that teaches you how to Quilt like Kimmy.

Some of our old posts are disappearing - so.... we are going to re-create them here -that way we all have access for ever!

The inner Quilt

Are you all ready? We have all the blocks sewn – 8 Star Chain Blocks, and 7 Cream colored blocks. 

You cut the cream colored 12 ½ inch blocks in the cutting instructions. So today we will complete the center of the quilt.

The setting is 3 x 5,

The first, third and fifth rows will be a Star, Solid, star row  

The second and fourth rows will be a Solid, Star, Solid Row ( PIC 5  2 4 rowabove)

When finished the inside top will look like:

Since this was a pretty efficient step – I thought I would take a moment and tell you about Quilts of Valor.

The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover ALL combat service members and veterans touched by way with comfort and healing Quilts of Valor. This foundation is not about politics, its’ about people.  You can learn more about Quilts of Valor at  - be sure to click on regional coordinators and find your local contact

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