Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kimmy Quilt of Valor Step 4

This is a re-post of the Mystery Quilt that Kimmy, Craftsy and myself collaborated on. I designed the quilt and the pieceing, Kimmy designed the quilting ( Ah-Mazing!!) and Craftsy hosts Kimmy's class that teaches you how to Quilt like Kimmy.

Some of our old posts are disappearing - so.... we are going to re-create them here -that way we all have access for ever!

Finishing the star block.

Next we will add the chains around the star!

For the first round –

Take one 5 inch strip and sub- cut it into 16 -  2 ½ in pieces. Take these and sew them onto the right and left side of the Star

Press them open

Next take 1 - Cream 5 inch strip, and two Blue 2 ½ inch strips. Sew a blue strip to each side of the white strip.

Press them open

Sub cut the strip set into 16 2 ½ inch pieces

Attach these strip sets to the top and the bottom of the block.

This block should measure 9 inches, however, if they are off – no worries. We will trim the block to 8 ½ inches square. If your block was 9 inches, this means taking ¼ inch off of each side. If your block was a little off – it gives you a chance to square them up before we move on.

Ready? All 8 blocks are now 8 ½ inches square?  Ready for the next round?


Take one of your 8 ½ inch Cream strips and sub-cut it to 2 ½ inch pieces. You will then sew them to the left and right of the star block.

Take the last 8 ½ inch Cream Strip, and 2- 2 ½ in Blue strips. 

Sew a blue strip on each side of the Cream, and press. Sub-cut into 2 ½ inch strips. These will go on the top and bottom of the block. 


Here is your final star chain block. It should measure 12 ½ inches square when all sewn together.

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