Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kimmy Quilt of Valor Step 3

This is a re-post of the Mystery Quilt that Kimmy, Craftsy and myself collaborated on. I designed the quilt and the pieceing, Kimmy designed the quilting ( Ah-Mazing!!) and Craftsy hosts Kimmy's class that teaches you how to Quilt like Kimmy.

Some of our old posts are disappearing - so.... we are going to re-create them here -that way we all have access for ever!

Step 3

The Small Star Block.

This block will finish at 5 inches. I know its small – but it is so cool!! AND!! You only need to make eight of them!

We will be using the Tri Recs ruler for these.  So grab your 2 inch Blue strips.  

You will need 32 Sets of these little pieces. 

When I cut them I stacked the 2 strips together and cut 2 at a time for a total of 64 pieces ( or 32 sets)   


DO NOT forget the little tab cut on your ruler. These help you when you sew them to the Tri part of the star 

Next grab your 2 inch white strip, and the left over 2 inch strip -  and cut 32 Tri Pieces.

Sew your tri rec star points together,

 I found it helpful to sew all the left side together, press, then sew all the Right sides on, and press.

When all the star points have been sewn, we are now ready to put the block together. You need your 2 inch squares in cream, your 2 inch squares in red, and your star pieces.  They will all lay out like this:

 I sewed them row by row, pressed, then sewed the rows together.

If you press 2 rows one way, and the middle row the other direction, you get seam that nestle together when you put the whole block together. This really helps when quilting, to avoid the build up of big lumps.

And ta –da – you are now finished with a 5 inch star block.

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