Friday, June 12, 2015

Kimmy Quilt of Valor Mystery Quilt Fabric Requirements

This is a re-post of the Mystery Quilt that Kimmy, Craftsy and myself collaborated on. I designed the quilt and the pieceing, Kimmy designed the quilting ( Ah-Mazing!!) and Craftsy hosts Kimmy's class that teaches you how to Quilt like Kimmy.

Some of our old posts are disappearing - so.... we are going to re-create them here -that way we all have access for ever!

Fabric Requirements

Just in case you don’t remember or haven’t heard of Quilts of Valor – You can learn more at or at my blog. At this particular moment, we are in a need for Quilts of Valor.

We are still at war in Afghanistan, and have record numbers of wounded being sent to Landstuhl Military Hospital.

I happen to be the coordinator here in Colorado, and seem to have many, many veterans in our state. I work in the WTB at our local post. This is an amazing battalion where many of our wounded go for rehab, or to await medical decisions. I also have groups at the VA’s in the state, as well as an amazing Equine Therapy group. All of these are places our Veterans can receive the care they need, and we get to give them a Real American Hug through our Amazing Quilts of Valor.

Fabric Requirements

For this quilt I did it in the Traditional Red White and Blue. Based on 10 years of experience with our military quilts, about 90% of them seem to prefer this color scheme. So I thought I would make it easy on myself!!

I chose fabrics from

Red (Called Ribbon Red)               ½ yard ( I actually used 17 inches to be exact, so if you like extra, adjust accordingly)
Cream ( Called Cream Tan)           2 Yards   ( I used exactly 72 inches)
Blue  ( Nuance Gradation Nautica)  1 ¾ yards ( I used exactly 59 inches)

Binding:  I would suggest using Blue – so add an additional  ½ yard for binding

Backing: Finished size will be 56 x 80


For this mystery I used my Tri Recs Ruler. All cutting instructions are based on using this ruler.

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