Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kimmy Quilt of Valor - the Final Step

This is a re-post of the Mystery Quilt that Kimmy, Craftsy and myself collaborated on. I designed the quilt and the pieceing, Kimmy designed the quilting ( Ah-Mazing!!) and Craftsy hosts Kimmy's class that teaches you how to Quilt like Kimmy.

Some of our old posts are disappearing - so.... we are going to re-create them here -that way we all have access for ever!

The last and final step!! Are you ready?

We now have the inner top set together 

We are now ready to add the borders.

The first border is a red 3 inch border. I sew my border strips together end to end, so I have a long strip.

The inner quilt should measure 36 ½ by 61 inches. But verify your measurements. I then cut the strips to size, pin and attach. I attached the Top and Bottom border first, pressed, then re-measured. I then cut the Left and Right borders, pinned, and attached. Then press.

Next we will add the final border!

You will use the Blue 7 ½ inch strips that you cut. Again – I measure the top. Mine measured 41 ½ by 66 ½, prior to adding the blue border.

Sew the strips together, and measure the quilt. Cut the border to fit. Again – I attached the top and bottom borders first. Press

Then I measured, cut my blue, and attached the left and right border. Press

And Voila – a finished Quilt of Valor top:

Your finished quilt top should measure 56 x 80

I hope you have enjoyed making this, and I hope you will enjoy seeing and learning how Kimmy will quilt it. I am excited to take her class and learn some new techniques. And think of the smiles and love you will be passing on to a service member!

When your quilt is all Quilted and bound there are a couple of ways to get them to a service member. 

You can identify a local Veteran Touched by War and make the presentation

Second – you can go to On the left side there is a button that says “request a destination” Fill that form out, and a destination will be sent to you.

Three - Colorado can always use Quilts of Valor  - contact me - I can help

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The Joyful Quilter said...

Really pretty! Simple, yet effective... with PLENTY of room for the quilting to shine!!