Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Double Knit Poly Quilt

One of my clients was cleaning her mothers house and found this double knit poly Quilt top. Of course, you want to finish what loved ones have made - so she brought it my way.

I asked my Longarmer friends for suggestions on how to quilt it - and this is what we came up with.

A Ball point needle size 20 :                                 Check
Polyester thread:                                                    Check
Be very careful around the seam intersections:     Check
Be aware of the stretch:                                         Double Check!

One thing I did forget to mention : not only was this Double Knit  - it was textured. The texture made the knits a little thicker.

So... I dug in:

It was a very heavy quilt. And when loading it it already wanted to stretch. This is what it looked like fully loaded:

I then started quilting in a triangular fashion. I thought that adding texture with the texture would be fun!  And would be a nice design.  I also hoped that I could miss the heavy intersections and have wiggle room... I did!

One thing I did forget is... I am allergic to polyester. So next time I will remember to wear cotton gloves from the beginning.  But the itch was WAY worth it. I believed that she is going to LOVE this quilt.

 The back was a brown cotton. I am really glad for that. I think if I had double stretch I might have had a really hard time going over the intersections.

One thing I really had to watch was that it wanted to stretch out ( like horizontal) so I did use a few extra basting stitches.

One of my quilting friends wondered if it would be like minky - and I think my answer now is no. Minky usually doesn't have so many piecing seams - and each intersection caused the top to want to move... or give...

I really had fun on this one. I am so tickled to be able to help my client finish up a loved ones project. I know it will be loved. And it really is quite pretty!

 Hope you enjoyed seeing this quilt !