Friday, February 8, 2013

Purple Feathers

My Client brought me this quilt and said - I just want some feathers on it, and make it look pretty. You know? I think I like it when Clients say that. I had a BLAST quilting this quilt.

In the purple I drew curving feathers, and in the whites I offset the curviness with straight lines.

I really liked this effect!

In the tiny purple border I used a squiggly line that echoed what I did in the white.

I tried to get down on the floor...
I LOVE the texture!!

This was a fun quilt to do.
Now I want to make one!!

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  1. I've been spending a lot of energy looking at finished quilts where the quilter took the time to play out the right designs for that particular quilt. I enjoyed seeing what you chose.

  2. Just beautiful--your quilting really enhances the quilt--love it!

  3. Those two styles of quilting go so well on that quilt. Sometimes I get frozen with, "how to quilt it". Your fun at choosing a motif for this quilt speaks for itself. Congrats on a great finish.

  4. Your quilting is beautiful! Your client did a great job on the HSTs. I can never make mine line up.

  5. Really beautiful quilting! Thanks for showing all the detailed photos.

  6. The quilting looks great! It accents the quilt really wel.

  7. Pretty! I love the effect - you get the nice feathers, but the purple fabrics get to sing out clearly. :D

  8. Alycia, that's lovely! Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilting - it's always inspirational for me to see what other quilters are doing! Whoop whoop!!